Financial Assistance for Homeschoolers

Hey everyone, in case you are not already aware of the financial assistance that is  available to homeschoolers, here is a list of scholarships that are available through the Home School Foundation. Although there are a myriad of free homeschooling resources available online, homeschooling is never completely free and it does cost some money to provide a well rounded education for your children. Many families cannot afford to buy the resources they need in order to give their children a well rounded education. The below organization is able to offer a variety of scholarships to homeschooling families to help with specific needs. In addition, there is an organization called The Book Samaritan who can help families with curriculum and book expenses.

The Homeschool Foundation
Compassion Fund
Widows Fund
Children of Single Parents Fund
Special Needs Children’s Fund
Members Helping Members Fund
International Homeschooling Fund
Generation Joshua Fund
Curriculum Relief
Military Fund
PHC Scholarship Fund
Single Parent Resources
Homeschooling Resources

Help with Free Books, Curriculum
The Book Samaritan 



pixel Financial Assistance for Homeschoolers

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