Homeschool Supply List

homeschool supplies1 Homeschool Supply List

Hi everyone! If you are new to homeschooling you may wonder what kind
of homeschool supplies you need to get started. While it is possible to educate
your child with just books, pencils, paper and a library card,
it is nice to make learning more fun with some extra supplies.
Maybe you have already gathered your curriculum and other educational
resources, but you may still need some basic homeschool supplies
to get started. I have created a list of some basic supplies that we use in our
homeschool. There is really no such thing as standard homeschool supplies.
What may be a necessity for some homeschoolers may not be used at all
by other homeschoolers.

You will probably already have many of these items in your home.

Here are the supplies that we use in our homeschool:

□ Pencils
Pencil sharpener
□ Eraser
□ Notebooks
□ Ring Binders
□ Glue sticks
□ Ruler
Dry Erase board with magnets
□ Scissors (rounded ends)
□ Paint and paint brushes
□ Colored Pencils
Expo Dry Erase Markers
□ Sheet protectors (we use this for our history and bible lesson binders)
□ Crayons
□ Markers
□ Handwriting practice sheets (for various copy work including weekly memory verse)
File Folders (we use these to create our lapbooks)
□ Organizer (for pencils, crayons and markers)
□ Clock
□ 100 chart
□ Magnifying glass
□ Library Card
□ Award Stickers and certificates
Unifix Cubes for math
□ Counting objects
□ Play money
□ Calendar
□ Globe
□ World Map poster
□ USA Map poster
□ Index cards (we use those for our timeline)
Books of the Bible poster
□ Student Desk with chairs (we also use the dining room table a lot)
□ Storage boxes (We use simple storage boxes right now,
but we’ll probably use a workbox system next school year)
□ Construction paper
□ Sheets of paper for painting
□ Handwriting paper
□ Mini Dry erase board (great for introducing new concepts in math and language arts)

Other items we use:

□ Keyboard
□ Educational games (shapes, geography puzzles, etc.)
□ Computer (sometimes they do reading, math and educational games on the computer)
□ Other math manipulatives and games

For mom/dad:
□ Hole punch
□ Binder
□ Dry Erase board with markers
□ Laptop
□ Homeschool Planner
□ Tape
□ Stapler
□ Storage bins

This list is for our elementary age children. You will probably need
other items for high school students. Let me know if you have any
questions/comments. I would love to hear from you.


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