Thinking About Starting A Homeschool Blog?

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Hey friends, I just wanted to share why I choose to blog and what I believe the benefits are to starting a homeschool blog. Who knows, this blog post might encourage you to start your own homeschool mom blog! I’m sure you have noticed that there are tons of wonderful homeschool blogs out there.

Here are a few reasons why I enjoy blogging:

  1. One of the reasons why I blog, is because I enjoy helping people solve problems. Receiving a comment about how helpful a particular post or resource has been, is a great motivator that makes me want to keep writing more posts and helping more homeschool moms.
  2. Blogging helps me to be more disciplined when it comes to homeschooling. One of my goals is to get exciting new information, printables and content to my readers. It takes discipline to post something daily ( or almost daily) or to create a new printable.
  3. My Homeschool blog has opened the door to meet other homeschool moms and build new friendships. It is a great platform to encourage each other and to learn from other homeschool moms.
  4. Blogging is helping me to increase my knowledge base in different homeschooling topics. I enjoy learning about the latest homeschool experiences, resources, methods, free products and advocacy issues and like sharing what I have learned with other homeschool parents.
  5. I enjoy blogging because I have plenty of opportunities to be creative and come up with new ideas, activities, printables and other resources. It is a great opportunity to let your creativity come alive.

This is all I can think of right now but I’m sure there are more. I once asked a friend if she ever thought about starting a homeschool blog and she responded with a big sigh that it would be just another thing to add to her already busy schedule and that it would be too much for her to deal with. I really appreciate her honesty because she understood that it is another commitment that takes some time.

What type of blogger do you  want to be? A hobby blogger or a professional blogger?

Here is what I think is the difference between the two. I see a lot of hobby bloggers setting up their blogs and then abandon it because they either did not factor in how time consuming it can be or they simply got discouraged because they did not get many readers due to the fact that they did not fully understand how a blog really works. Of course there are many other reasons why people stop blogging. Generally speaking the hobby blogger is unaware of the technical side of a blog and how to optimize their blog. Many do not educate themselves on search engine optimization, how to get their blog on Google page 1, or the importance of social media. They think that great writing skills is all that is needed.

You could be the greatest blog writer, but if you are unaware how the search engine system works and how to properly set up your blog, then it is unlikely that your blog will get many readers. There is another type of hobby blogger who doesn’t really care how many people are actually reading their blog posts. They usually write for the fun of writing and also enjoy keeping family and friends updated. I think that is great if that is all they want.

A professional blogger wants to reach out to as many people as possible. A professional blogger never stops learning about search engine optimization, how to get their blog on Google page 1, or how to use social media with their blog. A professional blogger sees his blog as an opportunity to solve people’s problems and knows how to generate income from his blog.

Some professional bloggers earn only a small amount and others make a full time salary just by blogging. If you are looking to make a quick buck, then blogging is not for you. In addition to understanding how to properly set up your blog, it takes time, consistency and patience before you will start seeing the rewards of your blog. The reward is not just financial, it is more about how many people you can encourage, influence and help through your blog. I believe it is worth the effort.

Are you ready to get started yet?

Here are some basic steps to help you get started:

1. Write down the vision for your blog (why do you want to start a blog and what are you trying to accomplish through the blog?)

2. Learn from other homeschool bloggers. Visit their blogs and find out how they are reaching out to  homeschool moms (If you want a professional blog,  only learn from those who are already have a professional blog)

3. Purchase a domain name (   from or another company. (I strongly recommend getting your own domain name instead of or

4. Connect your domain name to a hosting package (

5. Set up your blog with wordpress (many hosting companies will do this for you for free). They will not design your blog but they can connect your domain name to the hosting package and install wordpress for you.

6. Design your blog in wordpress (there are hundreds of design templates to choose from)
If you need help setting up your blog you can get help for just $5 at  or you can ask me. J

7. I can’t stress this enough. Don’t ask you neighbor for blogging tips! Go and learn from a professional blogger if you are really serious about blogging.

Feel free to ask me questions and don’t forget to leave your comments!

signature Thinking About Starting A Homeschool Blog?

pixel Thinking About Starting A Homeschool Blog?

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