Giveaway: See The Light Art Lesson DVD


Hi everyone! Today I have a great giveaway for all my
readers who love art! I had the privilege of reviewing the
See The Light Art Lesson DVD. (Lesson 1-4, volume 1)

These classes are taught by Pat Knepley, a master artist
who has been drawing since she was very little. She has
a passion for teaching art to kids and loves sharing the
Gospel with children through her art lessons.

see the light picture Giveaway: See The Light Art Lesson DVD

My 7 and 6 year old kids always loved drawing, and See The Light
has given them extra motivation to draw. It’s a lot of fun and
they are really excited about the fact that a professional artist is
teaching them how to draw. icon smile Giveaway: See The Light Art Lesson DVD

art pic Giveaway: See The Light Art Lesson DVD

The See the Light Volume 1 DVD includes Art lesson 1-4.
In lesson 1 they are introduced to the basic tools of an artist.
The children will learn that there are many more ways to draw
besides just crayons, markers and paint. They will learn about
drawing with pencils and special chalk and other tools.

In lesson 2, they learn about a fundamental drawing element:
The line. The teacher introduces different types of lines.
The kids were really amazed at the type of artwork that can
be produced with just a simple pencil when the different line
techniques are applied.

In lesson 3, they are taught how to train the eyes and the hands
to be synchronized! They also got some great tips as to where
to place items in a drawing to get the best results. Younger
children will probably need more practice with this. My children
enjoyed this exercise. They got to learn how to draw a common
object like the apple. It took some time for them to get used to,
and understand contour drawing, but it was a lot of fun. The neat
thing is, is that the DVD can be played again and again, until they
have mastered these basic techniques.

In lesson 4, they get to do a complete contour drawing. ‘’This is a
true test whether you draw what you SEE or what you KNOW’’,
says Pat Knepley. My kids still need lots of practice with this.
Lesson 4 was a wonderful introduction to complete contour drawings.

Here is a sample from our 7 year old. (BEFORE AND AFTER PICTURE)

Here is the final pencil drawing from our 7 year old AFTER the art lessons:
see the light Giveaway: See The Light Art Lesson DVD

Pencil drawing of apples BEFORE the art lesson:
see the light2 Giveaway: See The Light Art Lesson DVD

-Professional teaching method sparks a new interest in drawing
-The lessons are in DVD format and you can pause and review
-The lessons carefully explain basic skills
-The art program incorporates short Bible lessons

-Can be a bit challenging for younger elementary children who are
still developing their fine motor skills

What do I think about the See The Light Art Class?
I think the See The light Art Classes on DVD are a wonderful way
to learn basic art and to master drawing techniques.
If you want a fun professional approach to learning how to draw,
then I highly recommend trying the See The Light DVDs.


Want more information?

  • Visit See The Light website
  • See The Light Free Lessons: This is a great opportunity
    to see a few free classes before you purchase!
  • See The Light Blog: I HIGHLY recommend taking a look
    at their blog! Pat puts up wonderful ideas and tips for teaching art!

Check out the raffle copter below to win a FREE See the Light Art
Lesson DVD
for your homeschool. As always, I welcome your
comments and questions.

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signature Giveaway: See The Light Art Lesson DVD

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